Wedding chair and table rentals Vancouver

Table and chair rentals are very often necessary at weddings or other large events, and the process of finding the best price on the right quantity of tables and chairs can sometimes be quite frustrating.


To simplify the process, it is often helpful to have a plan before you even begin researching table and chair rentals. This plan should involve deciding how many chairs are needed, how large and what shape the tables should be, and how many of each type of table will be needed. The renter should not forget to consider tablecloths and chair covers when considering a table and chair rental.

Transportation for furniture

Remember that table and chair rental services often include delivery services for a reason: a large number of tables and chairs can be very difficult to transport, time-consuming to set up and take down, and very complicated to move. If the rental company does not offer delivery services, be sure to consider how to transport the tables and chairs, or look for a rental company that does offer this service.

Most table and chair rental services charge a fee for transportation, but the fee may well be worth the savings in frustration, time and ease of set-up. Most people want to focus on the event, not the set-up and tear-down, so if possible, choose to have the tables and chairs delivered.

Table types and shapes

Tables often come in a variety of shapes and sizes; drawing up an event layout can help the renter decide how many tables will be needed and what shapes of tables will best fit the space being used. For a wedding, the renter should not forget to order tables for catering, gift table or other miscellaneous purposes.

Consider what size tables to rent by determining how many guests will be at the event and ask the rental company how many people can comfortably sit at each size table.

Consider the grounds where the event will be held

Consider whether the event will be held outdoors or indoors. The table and chair rental company may recommend certain tables and chairs for different applications; some table and chair materials are better for outdoor occasions because they will be more stable on uneven surfaces such as grass, and may be waterproof or water-resistant in case unexpected weather puts a damper on the festivities.

Covers and tablecloths

Also consider renting tablecloths and chair covers. Most tables and chairs will not be particularly attractive, so renting tablecloths can make the look much more appealing. Be sure to rent the correct size linens for each style of table.

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Wedding chair and table rentals Vancouver
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