Washroom trailer rentals Abbotsford

A1 Party Rentals is your one-stop source for affordable washroom trailer rentals in Abbotsford. If you're planning an outdoor wedding, a special occasion, or any type of event out-of-doors, you can provide a luxury washroom experience for your guests by contacting us about a rental. Our restrooms are exceptionally clean, accommodating, and superior in every way to traditional portable restrooms. Consider the numerous perks that come from renting a washroom trailer from A1 Party Rentals the next time you need porta-potty facilities for family, friends, customers, or event guests.

5 Key Benefits Of A Washroom Trailer

1. The sanitary benefits alone will convince you that a washroom trailer is by-far the better option for your event. Porta-potties provide a toilet but no place to wash up. Hot and cold running water are essential to proper sanitation; along with both hot & cold water, our washroom trailer rentals in Abbotsford offer all of the following features:

  • Double tissue holders
  • Toilets & urinals
  • Heat & air conditioning
  • Sinks
  • Locking doors
  • Mirrors
  • Coat hooks
  • Soap paper bowl
  • Private stalls
  • Stereo
  • Exterior safe lights at each door
  • And so much more

2. A washroom trailer at your event will cut down on lines and possibly eliminate them altogether. Since each trailer has multiple stalls, there will be less of a wait time when guests need to use washroom facilities. If you've ever stood in a lengthy line to use a porta-potty, you can certainly appreciate the value of a shorter wait time for outdoor bathroom needs.

3. A controlled climate can make using an outdoor restroom a more comfortable experience, especially during extreme temperature months, like January or July. You can provide a reprieve from the cold or hot elements by renting a washroom trailer from A1 Party Rentals.

4. If your event requires portable restrooms as required by law, you can take the easy way out and rent porta-potties which are most often avoided by customers and guests except for urgent situations- or you can provide luxury washroom trailers that will let everyone know that you care about their comfort. The modern appearance of our trailers along with added comforts provided can go a long way in demonstrating your commitment to making everyone feel at home.

5. Running water is just one of the many upgrades of our washroom trailer rentals in Abbotsford, but it's one that you shouldn't take for granted. The ability to stay clean and refreshed during an outdoor event can not only add to your guests' comfort level but can also help stop the spread of germs. Hot water and soap are key in reducing illness during events where food is prepared and served.

Read more about the advantages of renting our washroom trailers when you visit A1 Party Rentals online. Let us know the details of your special occasion and we'll deliver your washroom trailers in plenty of time for the event's set-up. Choose from 3.5 Station Deluxe Restroom Trailers or 2 Station Executive Restroom Trailers.

Washroom trailer rentals Abbotsford
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