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When it comes to wedding planning, it is tempting to buy everything, but sometimes it is better and more practical to rent some key elements of the wedding props and decorations. A wedding does not have to be an unsustainable expense and renting, for example, wedding centrepieces is the best way to have a beautiful wedding at a fair price.

It's time to go through this list and choose to rent from an original table for your wedding cake to the games that your guests will never forget. Take note of the 6 most important things to rent!

Fun elements

Take advantage of the rental to bring a little fun to your wedding: how about a chocolate fountain for an exquisite fondue, cotton candy or popcorn machine? And if it's a beach or outdoor wedding, rent games such as ping-pong tables, giant jengas or trampolines for adults and children. And if it's all about fun, rent a photocall or a frame that will make the photo session unforgettable.

Tables, chairs and sofas to show off

In addition to round or long family-style tables or a mix of both, consider renting a table for the bride and groom, buffet tables, gift table, guest book table, family photo table and lounge space. For seating, in addition to your ceremony and reception, rent a group of small chairs for the children and a couple of special chairs for the bride and groom's table.

Platforms and special environments

If your wedding is in a single sitting you need to give visibility to the band, rent a stage or a platform. And if you want to differentiate the space from the ceremony, rent a kiosk that can be located inside the venue. Another environment to include in the rental list is a bar, just make sure that the floor conditions of the venue allow for it.

Table and chair linens

From the simple tablecloth for the signing book table, fancy table linens for the cake table, gift table and chair and sofa linings or décor, the rental market offers gorgeous options worth exploring beyond the traditional. Rent materials that make a difference such as supple faux leathers, velvety fabrics or organic materials made from bamboo.

Lights and electricity are assured

Light is the essence of wedding decorations. Look into renting lights for the indoor and outdoor areas of the ceremony and reception: vintage chandeliers, chandeliers that come down from the ceilings. There are many diverse options to choose from to achieve the decorative effect you are looking for. And, especially if the wedding is outdoors, you will need a plant or an electric generator. Project the amount of power you need for your lights, catering, DJ or band, as well as microphones and speakers.

Stylish and versatile canopies and tents

A simple tent or one equipped with fancy chandeliers and drapes is the most beautiful way to bring an outdoor wedding to life. Rent tents with sophisticated canopies, with wedding fabric decorations inside, lit with elegant chandeliers and beautiful, sturdy floors that make dancing the night away a pleasure.

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Tent rentals Vancouver
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