Stage rentals Surrey

As an event planning company, we offer different complementary services of furniture rental, means and tools for events, meetings and celebrations, both corporate and private. Of course, we have different types of stages, and in general stages, and we offer you our stage and stage rental service for corporate events, business meetings, presentations and private celebrations.

Professional and customizable stages and platforms

Our stages and stages are characterized by their adaptability and practicality. They are customizable and can be configured practically by half, which makes them valid for any type of event in which it is necessary to offer an elevated space from which to deliver presentations, or where to collect awards or various recognitions. We can also include in your scenography all kinds of corporate materials such as letters, banners, ...; technical equipment such as microphone systems, lighting or LED screens and Video Walls; as well as basic furniture such as lecterns and armchairs.

Types of stages and stages for events

We have different types of stages for rent. Our client's favorite is the 4 feet x 8 feet. In this way we are able to adapt to events, conferences, award ceremonies or any other event whatever the style and protocol of the event. Each occasion is special and different and therefore requires the greatest versatility in terms of scenery and auxiliary furniture for events. Ask us which stage or platform is best suited for your event, one of our event planners will help you make the right decision.

An all-inclusive stage and platform rental and assembly service

Our stage rental and set up service is specially designed for corporate events, trade fairs and congresses, business meetings, award ceremonies, brand or product presentations or various conferences, among others. It includes, if desired, transportation and assembly. We also offer complementary services such as the rental of lecterns and stage furniture, or the assembly and execution of sound and lighting for events or visual media such as LED screens.

Add value to the organization of your event

In any event that includes speeches or presentations, an outstanding participation or the presentation of awards or recognitions, it is very useful to have an elevated area that concentrates the attention of the guests and accredited media. We recommend the inclusion of a relevant scenography with the assembly of platforms and stages equipped with everything necessary.

Working with a company that specializes in event organization

A1 Party Rentals is not only a company that rents auxiliary furniture for events such as stages or stages. At A1 Party Rentals we are specialized in the organization and production of events from scratch.

That is why entrusting us with any complementary service to the organization of your event means relying on an expert partner that ensures the best integration of any auxiliary service in the overall production of the event. We guarantee an added value to turn an appointment, celebration or event into a successful event.

You can consult our furniture on our website or call our customer service line to obtain information about a quotation.

Stage rentals Surrey
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