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When organizing a wedding, one of the aspects that most concern the bride and groom is the scenery and decoration. If you choose a place that gives you the freedom to create different spaces to your liking and in which you can include the furniture you want, these tips are sure to come in handy. When the time comes to think about the different alternatives, you will probably ask yourself the following question: what furniture do I need for my wedding?

The ceremony

Religious ceremonies do not allow many options. To decorate it you can bet on some structure that you can decorate with garlands of flowers or a nice welcome corner at the door.

On the other hand, civil ceremonies, especially those held outdoors, allow you to do whatever you want. The bride and groom are less and less subject to protocol and give more free rein to their imagination. We suggest you to create a floral arch, the arch under which you will say "I do". You can also create a bridal aisle by designating its limits with the guests' chairs.

The cocktail and banquet

After the ceremony, you will move on to the cocktail party. Here, you can opt for small high tables with stools, but do not forget to place a low table with chairs so that those who need it can sit down to rest.

At the banquet, choose round, square, rectangular, oval, imperial tables... or you can combine several models. The chairs, you can use the same as in the ceremony as long as you have an assembly team and enough time to move them from one space to another.

Tables, chairs and awnings

The tables should always have a long tablecloth, and you can choose between round and planks because they form a very interesting combination and invite the guests to mingle. You can even place some elongated imperial tables to play with proportions. The advantage of having a wedding inside a hall is that you don't have to worry about the weather. Even if it is cold, hot or rainy, your guests will always be sheltered and very comfortable.

Regarding the chairs, we recommend something more relaxed like the Avant Garde, Alicia or Dubai style. As far as tables are concerned, round tables are always covered with a tablecloth. In the planks you can avoid this option if they are nice and made of wood. Here it is always important to mount an awning or at least have it as a plan B. We never know when the rain may appear and put a pause to our event. It may be necessary to deck in a garden, depending on the facilities of each one, so you will have to consider it as an option at least to ask for a quote.

Fun corners

In every wedding we can enjoy spaces such as the chill out, the photocall, the signature table, the candy bar ... Design how you want each of these corners to be. You may need sofas, poufs, benches, carpets, low tables, backdrops for the photo booth, stands to place the candy candy, donkeys to leave the headdresses or stoles.

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Indian wedding tent rentals Surrey
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