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A corporate event, a congress, a birthday, a wedding, a graduation... whatever you need.

If you have experience or academic training in events, probably the content of this post will be familiar to you.

And if you are interested in organizing events, or with intentions of studying a master in event organization, you should know what are the questions to answer for a correct planning and a successful event.

Why do we organize an event?

As event organizers, the task is to draw a direction that leads to the fulfillment of objectives. Is it a business event? Is it an internal or external event? Is it a wedding for many or few guests?

If it is a congress, it will be to share knowledge and news on a specific subject. If it is a product launch, the "what for" will be answered through its presentation and the knowledge of the product by as many contacts within the target audience as possible. If it is a wedding, then... To celebrate it with everything!

It is always necessary to know specifically what drives a company or a person to organize an event. In this way, the planning will be aimed at success.

What type of event should be planned? Who is the target audience?

The type of event to plan should go hand in hand with the interests of the target audience, with the exception of a wedding (where it will be organized based on the interests of the couple and not the guests). Our "who" will give us the first clue to guide the meticulous planning of an event that will strike a chord with the target audience. The audiences are very varied and in each one of them we must find the best way to summon them.

What type of venue should I choose?

There are fundamental elements such as geographical accessibility, parking, communication with means of transport, areas to focus attention and spaces for dispersion... Everything is about generating an optimal experience for the attendees. No detail should be left to chance from this point of view in order to answer the question in question.

On the other hand, 100% personal appreciation: wherever you are, do not hesitate for a second to check that the WiFi network is secure and reliable. I do not know anyone who in the middle of an event of any kind does not seek to share their experience on social networks.

What date will it be?

Delineating on what date the event will be held will give a first answer as to how many attendees there will be. If you're hosting a corporate event, you wouldn't do it on the eve of or during a holiday weekend... would you?

Although if you are organizing a wedding outside your city and you have guests coming from far away (and even far away), a holiday weekend where people can travel may be the best option for all the guests to attend. A pre-selection of two or three dates will help us to measure which one will be more successful.

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Planning a party or an event cannot be left to improvisation. A task of many people cannot be handled by a single hand. That is why by contacting A1 Party Rentals you will have guaranteed organization and logistics within your party, birthday, wedding or concert. We have years of experience in the business and our goal is to continue growing every day.

If you want to see our catalog of products and accessories for rent, you can enter our website a1partyrentals.ca/product-category/tent/ and you will be able to see everything you need. Contacting our phone line 778-402-4418 you will be attended by our customer service that will assist you and look for integral solutions to your needs.

Remember, we are located in Abbotsford, Canada. We reach all British Columbia.

Event rentals Surrey
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