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Event furniture is one of our specialties. Throughout these years we have observed those things that can not miss in an event as far as furniture is concerned, and we have compiled them in this article so that your next event is a success and you do not leave anything in the pipeline.

The event furniture is a fundamental part of the success of a celebration or event. It should not be confused with utensils or tableware, which, although important in an event, fulfill a completely different function. Event furniture should allow attendees to feel comfortable and cover all the needs that may arise during the event.

To make a better decision regarding the furniture for an event, you must first establish the objectives and logistics of the event. This way, you will avoid possible surprises for not having planned the type of furniture that suits you.

All the elements must project harmony and an aesthetic space. I advise you to divide the space into areas, such as: food area, rest area and sales area. Then consider the needs of each.

Food area

This is the area where the guests will enjoy the food. This area may also be used as a resting place during the rest of the event, so it is important that the furniture you choose ensures the comfort of the guests.

For this area choose furniture in different colors to create unique compositions with personality. If what you want instead is to have versatile furniture that can be used for all types of events, choose furniture in natural wood color, as it is suitable for all occasions and with few details you can create very different atmospheres.

Event rentals Chilliwack

Rest area or lounge

This area is intended for event attendees to relax, rest and have conversation among them. It is important that the furniture is comfortable and aesthetically pleasing at the same time. Do not leave any detail to chance and make sure they have furniture to sit, to lie down, to rest their legs and even a side table in case they want to leave an object on it and feel more comfortable.

Entertainment or celebration area

The event may involve some kind of performance or celebration: from a monologue, to a theatrical performance, to a lecture, to a wedding ceremony. This requires special event furniture such as:

  • Folding chairs that serve as armchairs.
  • Lectern for speeches
  • High armchairs for the performers or speakers, in case they need to sit down
  • Side tables to leave details for the guests
  • Dance floor
  • Marquee
  • Awning

Information area

For corporate events, it is essential to have a reception area. Especially when it comes to fairs and exhibitions. For this we will use comfortable director or cinema chairs that allow us to customize the back canvas with the company logo and round or square tables so that visitors can interact with the commercial.

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Event rentals Chilliwack
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