The world has been on its toes since the rise of Covid-19 to try and deal with rising variants like Delta more effectively. We have all wondered whether soap and water are all we ever needed to keep things under control, and now is a perfect moment to dissect the matter.

Health experts warned us that we could contract Covid by touching a surface with the virus. The cleaning industry exploded with new products promising better results and a faster way to kill the diseases. Studies show that using soap and water is good enough, but it is not the best when you want to remove stubborn germs or get the job done a lot faster. Introducing alternatives like UVC clean phone sterilizer allows for more effective results and presents several other benefits we may not have considered.

Using UV Light To Kill Germs And Viruses

There are three main types of UV rays, namely UVA, UVB, and UVC. UVC light rays are the most effective at cleaning and disinfecting surfaces because they have short wavelengths, which can easily penetrate the DNA of viruses and bacteria to break apart the biological bonds that keep them together.

On a final note, it is essential to know that UVC is stronger than UVA and UVB. The latter has the potential to cause harm to humans after prolonged exposure, which means it is safer to use UVC to prevent cancer, aging, and skin damage.

Studies Proving UV sterilization Is Better Than Soap.

One study sought to understand whether washing a toothbrush with a standard disinfectant was better than using UVC rays to destroy germs and bacteria. The research showed that the UV disinfection robot is better by a long shot, mainly because it kills 100% of the germs within seconds, whereas a detergent will miss 40% after two washes. 

UVC performs a much better job than traditional methods. Still, it is essential to learn more about the correct application so that you can maximize results and prevent possible health risks.

Several studies show that using UVC rays is better than using soap or an antibiotic when you want to achieve faster results. These light frequencies sanitize the most profound layers of details of a surface and offer the transmission needed to destroy pathogens on a biological level at the first attempt.

Our UV Cleaning Method

CleanBox has worked with engineers who have allowed us to find safer ways of using these UV rays so that humans are not at risk of harm and the devices you clean do not experience any damage. One study showed that using this spectrum is preferable if you want to deal with viruses and bacteria that have morphed to become drug-resistant and can easily withstand the chemicals in most detergents.

The Best UV System To Decontaminate Hololens

Our team rounded up several studies before finally choosing the UV light phone sanitizers we use to eliminate viruses and germs on surfaces. The box is the most effective because the light rays get to the target device from all directions, making it easier to destroy pathogens and ensure excellent results. Check out our site for more information and make your order of ultraviolet light devices.

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