Baby Photography Near Me

Newborns are adorable and beautiful bundles of love. As soon as they come into the world they begin growing into their own little person. Parents want to capture the first moments of life with a professional newborn photo session. Of course, everyone wants to search for a baby photographer near me so that you don’t need to go far away with your newborn baby to get photos taken.

Find a Baby Photographer near Me

It is important to find a high quality baby photographer near me. It is also important to choose a photographer that specializes in newborn and baby photos. The best time to get photos taken of your newborn is generally within the first week after birth. This provides the best time to get good photos because the baby is still sleepy and flexible so he or she can be put into cute poses without any problems.

Laura Jane Studios is a local baby photographer near me. We specialize in producing adorable newborn, baby and family photos that showcase your new little one. Our studio is clean, safe and secure and our team always ensures the safety of your infant throughout the photo session.

Adorable Newborn Baby Photos

At Laura Jane Studios we love taking artistic photos of newborns. We want to capture the newborn in his or her first days of life. There is nothing more beautiful and sweet than a brand new infant. We like to try new poses that take advantage of the newborn’s flexibility and desire to curl into a fetal or ball position. This makes the photo session an ideal way to show off your new family addition.

There are a variety of photo poses and props that can be used in newborn photography. Take a look at some of our most recent newborn photos to get an idea of the cute photography that we are able to produce. Because they are done by a professional photographer the lighting and positioning is exactly right. We have the setup ready to take exquisite photos of your young baby.

Baby and Family Photos

If you prefer, we can take photos of you with your infant. Another option is to take photos of the newborn with the other children for a family portrait. We always try to create unique and interesting settings to make the photographs as distinctive as possible. Our photos are in high demand. When you want a newborn photograph in Los Angeles you should make a reservation before the baby is born. Let us know the due date and then simply call us once the baby has arrived so we can fit you into our flexible schedule during the week following the baby’s birth.

If you can’t make it to a newborn photo shoot immediately following the birth, consider scheduling the shoot for a time during the baby’s second or third week. This time period also offers a good opportunity to obtain excellent newborn photos. To learn more about our high quality photography services visit us online at



Baby Photography Near Me