Info Regarding Delivery
-Delivery and Pick-up services are available at a reasonable charge depending on the delivery area and the order size (larger the order lower the delivery cost)
-Rates quoted for delivery are based on tailgate drop off and pick-ups only. If our delivery personnel are required to carry items to a distance, up or down stairs, an extra charge will apply. All items must be stacked and ready for loading prior to return pick-up. Additional charges will apply if rental items are not ready for pick-up, upon arrival. Table & Chairs should be stacked at the same place we delivered them. Dirty chiavari chair cushions should be removed, dust covers replaced and chairs should be stacked six high unless, our teardown service is hired. When the products are not ready to pick-up, it may make us late for the next pick-up. Any unscheduled teardown will be charged $1.50/chair and $2/table.  -Setting up and moving furniture is not incuded in the delivery fee. Our delivery personnel are not authorized to set up equipment unless they have been previously arranged and paid for. Please request the service at the time of placing the order and we'll gladly accomodate you.
-Deliveries are arranged for either AM or PM -AM deliveries are 8AM-2PM and the PM deliveries are from 12 Noon to 6PM. With that being said we try our best to deliver the product at the requested time. However it is not guaranteed unless special arrangements are made at the time of booking.
-All customer pick-ups(Except Linens) may be subject to $15 service charge.